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The Three Pillars, Part 3: The Spirit Guide

His name was Charlie Hain and he was a wicked man. He was a stagecoach robber, a murderer, and a fiend. He had never done a decent thing in his entire life, until the day he stumbled up to our doorstep. But the House of Gravehearts is, first and foremost, a house of redemption. You see, some wicked men can be reformed through religion, or the love of a good woman. But other men, men like Charlie Hain ...they have to die.

His blood completed the spell which was set in motion 31 years prior by Cora the witch. His life gave life to The House of Gravehearts and for that, he was given a choice. Face the fires of Hell and Damnation, or remain at the House in humble servitude forever. He chose the latter, and now he shepherds all lost souls through our twisted maze of halls and corridors. His keys can unlock any door in the house, and his lantern can show you things you otherwise may have never seen.

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