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The Three Pillars, Part 2: The Muse

It is said, by people who would know, that Cora Pakov, the Queen of Rats, was the most powerful witch that ever lived. She was so powerful in fact, that she could even bend the rules of life and death. When Lady Graveheart met Cora on that fateful night in 1853, Cora was already 150 years old, but she had the appearance of a young lady in her mid 20's.

Before that night the House of Gravehearts, opulent and enormous as it may have been, was still just a house, but after that night, it became something else entirely.

Lady Graveheart was young, and beautiful, but near death from Tuberculosis. Cora could see this, so she casted a spell. The spell would allow for Lady Graveheart to return one day to the house she loved more than anything. She and the house would be bound together as one spirit, one entity, forever. There was just one catch, the spell, like much of Coras magic, required blood. And the blood could not be given willingly.

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