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The Mummies Hand

Some Time ago there was a little seaside theme park in California called Explorers Cove. One of the most popular attractions was a classic dark ride called "Curse of the Mummies Tomb." Visitors to the park flocked to the ride every summer by the thousands, blissfully unaware that the "Mummies" featured in the attraction were actually corpses, which once belonged to a traveling freak show. In fact, the Pharaoh, which the riders encountered near the end of the ride, was in reality an actual mummy, once owned by P.T. Barnum

Nobody really knows what caused the fire that destroyed "Curse of The Mummies Tomb" on the parks closing day, but all who witnessed it agreed that they had never seen a fire burn so quickly, and with such Intensity. Everyone inside was killed. The ride, and everything in it, was reduced to ashes in mere minutes. The only thing remaining was a corpse, standing near the rides exit, still draped in a Pharaoh's costume. His hand was outstretched, and his eyes, which had been closed tight for centuries, where inexplicably open.

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